An artist of the people and for the people, Molina has been known by many names, from Mo Brown to his full given name, to Molina Soleil and Molina Speaks. His subject matter is diverse and his flows are eclectic, balancing day-to-day life with an ability to incite and provoke, Molina never shies away from controversial issues. His catalogue of lyrical releases spans the genres of Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Spoken Word and Experimental music.


Disco Floyd is your favorite Pink Floyd songs remixed into a fresh and funky dance party. This is not what you expected to hear-- it's even better!

Manabmanabi.pngí (mahn-ah-BEE) was formed from a small idea: to give the people something new and fresh - authentic Afro-Caribbean music, with dynamic positive energy, that's fun to play and makes people want to move. Throughout Colorado, they are known for putting on an exciting, high-powered show. Manabí is passionate about the music they play, which is best enjoyed from the dance floor.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. -Victor Hugo